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The region, its people and policies

The Combrailles area covers a hundred or so communities, representing a geographical, economic, cultural and social balance. It’s not a surplus administrative echelon, but a pertinent area for the organisation and coordination of projects. This area is managed by the SMAD (Syndicat Mixte pour l’Aménagement et le Développement des Combrailles) which was founded in 1985 and which brings together the community of communes, the communes and the Conseil Général of the Puy du Dôme.

The Combrailles SMAD also has the legal right to organise contracts with various financiers to facilitate setting up projects in the area. It also oversees programmes and procedures that could not be organised on a more local basis, and which meet a demand in this region. Several of these measures have legal status, particularly in urban and environmental fields.

The general goal is the development of the area of Les Combrailles. This is being achieved by the coordination of county, regional and communal policies and the use of the various means available. It also allows for observation and analysis relevant to the situation.

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